Frank DiCosola, P.A.

Florida Personal Injury Attorney
Frank DiCosola, P.A.

Frank DiCosola, P.A. is based in Pinellas Park, Florida, and is a law firm dedicated to the representation of individuals involved in accidents/incidents resulting in personal injury and wrongful death. The firm handles matters throughout the State of Florida, specifically Automobile Accidents, Slip and Fall Incidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Dog Bites, Trucking Accidents and General Negligence. We are a Plaintiff’s personal injury law firm devoted exclusively to the representation of injured persons and their families.

We are aggressive in our pursuit of personal injury claims, and strive to maintain superior open communication with our clients throughout the representation of their case. We offer convenient, highly personalized legal services to our clients.

The ultimate goal of Frank DiCosola, P.A. is to provide the very best legal representation to our clients. We are genuinely committed to serving your best interests and we take pride in the fact that we do not, and never will, represent insurance companies, hospitals and/or other corporations. We have limited our law practice to the representation of individuals only, and are committed to treating our clients with trust, honesty and respect.


Practice Areas

personal injury attorney

Personal Injury

Automobile Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Wrongful Death
Slip/Fall & Trip/Fall Injuries
Dog Bite Injuries
Injuries from Drunk Drivers
Semi-Tractor/Trucking Accidents
Boating Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Nursing Home Injuries
General Negligence Cases


traffic ticket attorney

Traffic Ticket

Reckless Driving
Careless Driving
Improper Turns
Failure to Yield
Work Permits
Suspended Licenses
Hit and Run
Hardship Licenses
Challenges to Traffic Stops
Arrests & Breath Testing
Formal Review DMV Hearings
Violation of Traffic Control Devices
All Moving Violations
All Non-Moving Violations


seal/expunge record attorney

Seal/Expunge Records

Our office assists individuals in sealing or expunction of criminal arrest records that occurred in Pinellas County, Florida, so that this information does not appear in various background checks.